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Roman Catholicism

Rome used to burn bibles and their translators . . .

…but now the Holy See approves most of the new bible versions! What has happened?

The bible versions not Roman Catholic approved were collated and translated by bible believing men from the Reformation.

Behind the Roman Catholic approved bibles we see textual critics and Jesuits on the editorial commissions to ensure sufficient changes to accommodate Roman Catholic teaching and the takeover of the publication of bibles.

The introduction says it all

Nestle-Aland Novum Testament Graece: “The text shared by these two editions was adopted internationally by Bible Societies, and following an agreement between the Vatican and the United bible Societies it has served for the basis for new translations and for revisions made under their supervision. This marks a significant step with regard to inter-confessional relationships.”

The result? A text tampered with, missing verses, changed doctrine! Paving the road for One bible for a One World Religion, perhaps? What do you think?

The most Orthodox in the world

The Church of Rome has been described as the most Orthodox in the world. At first sight that would appear to be so - that is until one lifts off the veneer of 'Orthodoxy'. Rome teaches that she, and she alone has authority to interpret Scripture, and does so in ways that often contradict the plain meaning of the text. The Puritans overturned this dogma at the Reformation with their teaching of Sola Scriptura meaning ‘Only the Scripture’.

The Reformers came to realise that when Scripture spoke of the Antichrist it was talking about the Popes of Rome. This teaching has effectively been lost through modern biblical interpretation. This has come about, in part, through the current Bible Houses translating their Bibles from a corrupt Greek NT approved by Rome.

At Freedom Ministries we have come to realise that many of the reforms of the Reformation, have and are being lost through Jesuit influence in the Bible Houses, and the Bible Schools that train most ministers and pastors.

The material in this category will provide eye-opening information and keys of release. Our latest workbook, ‘Breaking the Chains of Roman Catholicism’ does both.