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Fatherlessness & Jezebel

Now released: our updated workbook . . . 

Fatherlessness and Breaking the Power of Jezebel’ has received a major revision and updated with more keys and new title 'Breaking the Chains of Fatherlessness, Emotional Abandonment & Jezebel'.

Fatherlessness is a condition suffered by those who were not nurtured by their father.

Jezebel - the name that is synonymous with a Spirit of Control, Witchcraft, Immorality. Much of the church is bound with this principality. These rescources will set free you and your loved ones. Fatherlessness is at the root of the jezebelic personality.

The fruit of Fatherlessness and Emotional Abandonment can be far reaching and includes the following:

Passivity, control though manipiulation, control through anger and domination, Misogyny, whereby the man hates the woman he loves. There is also Misandry whereby the Woman despises her man, and so on.

Some wonder at the connection oif Fatherlessness, Emotional Abandonment, and the Control Spirit also known as the Jezebel Spirit. Simply put, a fear of Emotional Abandonment will cause a SAviour Personality to emerge that will want to maintain control of others, especially within the family system, ther workplace, and where that person is a Christian or religious in the Church. Essentially a control personality is developed that is often seen as Jezebelic.

Undealt with, this condition often causes havoc in the Church as well as the family system. Whilst many ministries can identify the problem, few are addressing the root, and even fewer are providing the means of healing. The materials offered here will bring the healing and freedom you desire.