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This is a workbook of advanced spiritual warfare that is the fruit of twenty years involvement in the ministry of deliverance from Freemasonry. Father has given me so many keys that were not in any of my books, that I felt the need to write them down. 

This book contains both teaching and prayer strategies. All the keys in this book have been brought forth in our seminars, often with remarkable effect and even more remarkable testimonies. We look forward to receive your testimony!

Derek, with his passion for the church to hear the message of FREEDOM, has found the Father giving him keys to overcome the wiles of the enemy in very real, day to day but tough circumstances. What Derek has learned through this walk with the Yehovah is included in this - three books in one volume - a book for you to benefit from the biblical insight and prayer strategies that came forth in our many seminars to overcome the enemy and maintain freedom.

Workbook, 125 pages, format A4.


One lady released from psychiatric unit as a result of just one teaching in this book!



Chapter 1: Freemasonry: Craft or Witchcraft?    
Witchcraft and the Blindfold    
The First Blood Oath    
The Mason’s Mother    
Secret Society or Society with Secrets    
Open Bible and False Unity    
The Lost Name    
Hiram Abiff the False Saviour of Freemasonry    
Raising Ritual    
The Tracing Boards    
Black and White    
More Symbols    
Second Degree: Fellow Craft    
Second Degree Blood Oath    
Third Degree: Master Mason    
Release From the Masonic Coffin    
Placed in a Coffin    
And there is more...    
Third Degree Blood Oath    
The Apron    
Masonic Penny    
Prayer of Release:    
Seventh Degree    
The Fivefold Contra Curse    
The 18th Degree of Freemasonry    
Fertility God or Vampire Spirit?    
The 18th Degree Blood Oath    
Freemasonry in the Church    
Setting The Captives Free    

Chapter 2: Signs, Symbols and Abominations
Dream Catchers    
Wind Chimes    
Russian Dolls    
Paisley Pattern    
The Willow Pattern    
Playing Cards    
Hip Hip Hoorah    
Greek Key    
Jewellery and the Occult    
Men and Earrings    
Punk Rock    
The Cross: Power of God or Lucky Talisman?    
Star of David or Hexagram?    
The Meaning of the Six Pointed Star    
Kamikaze Dove    
Christmas Trees and Easter Bunnies    
Messiah’s Birthday?    
A Fish Called Ichthus    
Water Divining    
Jehovah: Name of God or Abomination?    

Chapter 3: The Caduceus Rod and Things That Go Bump in the Night    
Knights of Malta and The Hospice Movement    
The Law of Similitude    
Centesimality and Dynamization    
Occult Influence    
Biochemic System of Medicine    
Prayer of Release:    

Chapter 4: Hermes and Spiritual Warfare    
Hermes the God of Philosophy    
Hermes the god of Hermits    
Merlin, Arthur and Druidism    
Prayers of Release for each aspect of these gods with over 20 Renunciations   

Chapter 5: Therapists and an Altered State of Consciousness  
Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and other Medical Staff    
Temples of the Spirit of Yehovah    
Biblical Eating and Fad Diets    

Chapter 6: Delivered To Satan or Witchcraft in the Church?  
Taking Communion for Others    
Not Under Authority    
Spiritual Transference    
Bitterness and Ties to Fettered Souls    
Touching the Anointing    

Chapter 7: Sexual Abuse, Rape & Pornography    
It Felt Like Rape
Imprinted by Her Husband the Rapist
Mr Angry
Imprinting of Anger
Forgive the Sin
Pornography and Yoga
Breaking the Power of the Baphomet Goat-God
Prayer Strategy to Break the Stronghold of the Baphomet, Kundalini & Yoga with 90+ Renunciations 
Prayer Strategy for healing and release from the pain and the stronghold of rape and or sexual abuse.

This is just an overview of the contents - there is more.

- price inclusive postage and packing -
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