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Free From Freemasonry


Fatherlessness and Breaking the Power of Jezebel


Through the British Empire the United Kingdom has exported Freemasonry to virtually every corner the world. It is our heart to travel to church groups in other nations and repent for the Freemasonry our forefathers planted in those nations as well as bring the release that others have experenced through these seminars. We are available to churchs in th UK, Europe and worldwide.

The FMI Team is available for church visits to hold our popular seminars. FMI makes no charge to the church. However we do have a delegate registration fee.

We often recommend a pre church visit by two of the team so that church members can catch a flavour of the ministry as well as understand why THEY might need to attend such a seminar.

A typical church based seminar is Thursday and Friday evening and all day Saturday. Other permutations are possible. Children under 13 are not allowed and delegates have to have attended the two evening sessions to enable them to attend the Saturday curse reversal workshop. Derek can be available for ministry at the Sunday service if so desired

The modest registration charge for delegates that normally includes course material is set after discussion with the pastor. We usually make provision for reduced fees for those in difficult circumstances or on benefit. If the church has large numbers on benefit we will need to discuss others ways of covering the seminar costs.

We provide colour brochures/registration forms to the church at no cost to the church.

We need the church to provide accommodation and catering for our ministry team which including Derek is likely to be 4 people or more if necessary. Accommodation can be in homes subject to discussion.

Dependent upon travelling distances we normally arrive 2 days before the seminar to allow recovery from travelling, set up time and be fresh for the seminar and ministry. This is a deliverance ministry and the ministry times can be very demanding. Therefore we normally take a two day break after the seminar before leaving town so that we can have a Sabbath rest and time to take in something of the local culture.  

The above is a guideline and subject to discussion to take account of your local situation.

Only persons in charge or with the authority of the Senior Pastor or Minister should apply. Please give details of your church building capacity and normal congregation size. Also the country, region, town and denominational affiliation if any. Further please give contact telephone numbers and website address if any.


We look forward to serving your members and community, Derek Robert, FMI