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Freedom Ministries International Vision and Mission Statement:  


Our vision is to awaken the true church, born again committed believers everywhere, to the need to break the generational chains, curses and blood oaths of Freemasonry, including related brotherhoods. This need comes from both personal involvement, and by our forebears, as well as family members. Further, addressing Involvement by leaders in the Congregation/Body of Messiah is an important component to seeing the stronghold come down over nations

Further, Paganism that is rooted in the Mysteries of Babylon the Great, and therefore Roman Catholicism is rife, and we seek to address this in its many forms.


To make available resources that will enable ministries and individuals alike to find freedom from the iniquities and curses of Freemasonry.

Our flagship products are Breaking the Chains of Freemasonry' and 'Breaking the Chains of Fatherlessness and Jezebel' that Father Yehovah has used to set free and heal thousands of His precious people. 

Coming soon is our powerful workbook ‘Breaking the Chains of Roman Catholicism’, which really is a chain-breaker.

It is our prayer that as the Worldwide Congregation of Messiah is awakened to these needs, and that there will be a confrontation in the heavenlies that will precede revival.

A confrontation of Freemasonry, by Torrey and Moody, by the Wesley brothers’, and likewise Charles Finney, preceded revival. Further a revival in Argentina lasting 15 years from 1985 was preceded by a confrontation of Freemasonry.

Whilst there may well be many revivals around the world that were not preceded by such a confrontation, we at Freedom Ministries International believe that for many countries such a move of the Spirit of Yehovah can only come after there has been such a confrontation to break this spirit of witchcraft and paganism that is rife. It is our prayer that the power grip of these strongholds is broken over nations.

The Love of Yehovah

We would emphasise that whilst Father Yehovah hates the iniquity of Freemasonry, as well as the paganism and idolatry of Roman Catholicism, He so loved the Freemason and the Roman Catholic, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whichever who believeth on him, Ye’shua the Messiah, shall not perish, but receive everlasting life! (John 3:16)